Neil Gaiman "All Hallows Read 2013 Neverwear Print (Signed)


Neil Gaiman "All Hallows Read 2013 Neverwear Print (Signed)

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Heavy point recycled stock, sized at 8" x 10"
Words: Neil Gaiman
Art: Sean Von Gorman

All Hallows Read

"The idea of it is incredibly simple this Halloween give somebody a scary book, to read. That’s the idea.

We're not saying don't give candy, candy is important, fake blood is important, Zombie teeth incredibly important… Err do they have Zombie teeth? If they have Zombie Teeth, they would be incredibly important.

The point is, give somebody a scary book. Give kids scary books that kids would like. Give adults scary books that adults would like. If you have friends give them scary book that friends would like.

Buy scary books for them, borrow scary books for them.

Get them second hand. Check them out of the library…

Spread the joy…

and the terror.

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